Friday, August 05, 2011

Friday Music Post Returns!

Well - not that exciting a guess. But here goes anyway - what shuffle offers up today:

1. Tin Huey - Chinese Circus
2. Mercury Rev - Frittering
3. Antony & the Johnsons - Bird Gerhl
4. Bob Dylan - Love Minus Zero/No Limit
5. Bruce Springsteen - Reason to Believe
6. Grateful Dead - Til the Morning Comes
7. Love - Good Times
8. Spirit - Fresh Garbage
9. Ghost - Gerecki No Toshi
10. Slapp Happy/Henry Cow - Apes in Capes

And - video? I find that I can still learn things - looking to see what kinds of Slapp Happy or Hendy COw videos were around - I found this - a magnificent song, that I did not know was a cover.... I am - pleased:

And a live recording, complete with a very amusing intro - "they said it was okay to play two chords for half an hour, and we've done all right!"

I knew the Mazzy Star version, of course, channeling Jim and William Reid as much as Lou...

Speaking of all those Reids:

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