Thursday, January 01, 2009

My 2009 Movie Posts

The roundup, with notes.

Essays and Long Forms:

1/5: FOTMC: Bad Influence - Not-so Noir.
1/11: FOTMC 2: Ambiguity.
1/29 - German Film History: Student of Prague and Caligari
2/20: Modern Dancers - Mabuse and Faust and Modernism.
3/17: Dekalog - vs. Dan Schneider.

April Film of the Month Club Entries on Mabuse the Gambler:
4/1 - Introduction
4/9 - Mabuse and his World
4/20 - Doubles and Series in Mabuse
4/30 - Pacing in Mabuse
5/2 - Wrapup

4/11: Fifty Years of Nouvelle Vague & Breathless - for the blogathon.
Several posts for the Japanese Cinema Blogathon:
6/16: Cinematography sampler #1.
6/17: Why I love Ozu.
6/19: Cinematography #2 - Kurosawa Akira edition
6/20: great brute of an essay on Early Spring and Tokyo Twilight
7/8: The Disappearing Floor - for the Spirit of Ed Wood blogathon.
8/7: Writing the City - contribution to the Film of the Month Club
10/10: (Too late for the double billathon proper) - Riefenstahl vs. Eisenstein. Eisenstein wins.
12/17: Pictures missing from my Nazi Cinema class final paper.

Occasional Posts:

Best of 2008, First cut.
2/12: comments on Three Cabelleros, The Class, Rio Bravo, Nosferatu, Mabuse the Gambler, plus.
4/11: Link to FOTMC and TOERIFC.
5/13: Retrospective best of 2008.
5/26: Links to various.
5/30: Upcoming blogathons.
6/4: Favorite Film books.
6/10: more links - to blogathons, new FOTMC, etc.
7/6: Links roundup - blogathons, film of the month club (Hands Over the City), etc.)
7/28: Reply to Memory meme from Joseph B - slides and Bening's RR.
8/5: Severus Snape Summer Quiz.
8/18: Another Quiz, from MovieTone News.
8/27: On not seeing Inglourious Basterds yet.
9/20: Stuart Street Theater plus some comments on Cinemension, DVDs and dubbing.
9/29: Contra Polanski.
10/5: Various - Pixar Week at HND, a double bill blogathon, baseball and more Polanski.
11/7: Making fun of Dan Schneider.
11/7: Hollywood vs. Lisandro Alonso - on the virtues of small films.
11/13: Friday Thirteenth - Cairns on Vertigo; Cozzalio vs. Schickel; Ebert on a gate crashing genius.
12/2: Beyond the Canon reaction.
12/5: Quiz time.
12/20: Best of the Decade.


1/26: Che reviewed - at length.
2/2: Various - FOTMC comments; Light Sleeper, Blue Collar, HUsbands and Wives
3/1: mostly a roundup - Gomorra, Secret of the Grain, El Cant dels Ocells, Waiting for Sancho, Deconstructing Harry - plus comments on theater, etc.
3/8: Two Lovers plus comments on M's legacy, Alphaville, etc.
3/28: Three Films: Sita Sings the Blues, Watchmen, Hunger
8/23: Short reviews of Thirst and 24 City.
8/29: Inglourious Basterds review.
9/23: Bandwagon.
9/15: Whale roundup, mostly - plus Extract.
10/26: Antichrist.

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