Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Blogathon List - 2008 Onward

As we move into the new year, it is time to start a new list of blogathons. Maybe I will start breaking these out by year. Added as I find them. This is mostly for my own use, to keep track of them (even if after the fact), but I hope this is useful to people...

October 26: 1984 Blogathon - in honor of the 25th anniversary of the release of Terminator. Entries collected here.

OCtober 19-31: Italian Horror blogathon at Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies. Contributions collected here.

October 5-9: Double Bill Blogathon at Broken Projector.

September 7-16: Brian De Palma blogathon, at Cinema Viewfinder.

July 6-12: Sprit of Ed Wood blogathon at Cinema Styles. In action, here.

June 28-July 4: Michael Mann week at Radiator Heaven.

June 21-30: Claude Chabrol blogathon, hosted by Flickhead. Main page here.

June 15-21: Wildgrounds hosts a Japanese Cinema Blogathon. Main page.

June 15-19: Pauline Kael week, at The Cooler. Index here.

January 12-23, 2009: Early Hawks, hosted by Ed Howard at Only the Cinema. I suppose that's a 2009 blogathon, but there you go.

Dec 28-31: second annual Endings Blogathon, at JD's Valley Dreaming.

November 4-9: Politics and Movies blogathon, at The Cooler.

November 5-7: James Bond blogathon at Piper's.

October 24-November 16: Another James Bond blogathon at Dr. Mabuse's Kaleido-scope. Bonds everywhere!

October 3-6: Tension and Suspense, examined, at Mystery Man on Film.

August 22-24: Goatdogblog hosts a Movies about Movies blogathon. Home Page here. And my contribution, on King Kong (mostly).

July 20-26: X-Files blogathon at South Dakota Dark.

July 25-August 1: Kiyoshi Kurosawa honored at The Evening Class. Starting here, and continuing. My (premature contribution is here.

July 14: Celebrate Bastille Day at Vinyl Is Heavy!

July 9-13: Self-involvement blogathon from Culture Snob.

July 7-14 (approximately): outside the film world - John Holbo at the Valve hosts a discussion of Douglas Wolk's excellent Reading Comics.

June 29-July 3: a New York Films blogathon, at 12 Grand In Checking. And here it is.

June 23-25: I don't know why I even link to this idiocy, but here's another Bizarro World Blogathon from Lazy Eye Theater - bound to be dull, humorless and mean to great and significant Artists like Michael Bay and Rob Schneider. Somewhere, Doug Piranha is smiling.

June 12-15: RC hosts a Dads in Media blogathon at Strange Culture. Main page.

June 12: though not precisely a blogathon, this is Brian Darr's date for beginning this month's Film of the Month Club discussion, on Cecil B. DeMille's 1915 film, The Golden Chance. Collected here.

May 16-23: How did I miss this exactly? Ali Arikan hosts an Indiana Jones Blogathon. Already underway!

May 19-25: Production Design Blogathon at Jeremy Bushnell's Too Many Projects Film Club.

May 19: the starting date for the Film of the Month Club discussion of The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On.

May 4-10: Ferdy on Films hosts a Dance Movie Blogathon. It's Here!

April 14: Film at 11 Hosts a blogathon devoted to Andrew Sarris and The American Cinema. Here is the Home Page for this blogathon.

February 1-8: Celebrate the bright lights and shiny colors, at the Deeply Superficial Blogathon at South Dakota Dark. And here's the blogathon proper.

February is also Black History month, being celebrated by Odienator at Big Media Vanadalism with Black History Mumf.

February is Burt Reynolds month, at Welcome to LA.

January 14, 2008: Michael Guillen at the Evening Class hosts a blogathon dedicated to the great Val Lewton. It begins on the 14th, and runs all week to match TCM's Lewton programming and new documentary from Kent Jones and Martin Scorsese. The festivities are underway - with a wrap up post here.

January 6-13: At Unspoken Cinema, the blogathon that never really went away returns - another go at considering Contemplative Cinema - the continued consideration of the plotless, minimalist branch of art cinema. Opening announcement is up.

January 1-5, 2008: Start the year with the Opening Credits Blogathon, at Evan Burchfield's Continuity. Already in progress!

For previous blogathons - here my list; there's also a fine compilation at Unspoken Cinema. A lot of other people keep track of these tings - I will link to them as I find them. This is one of those constantly updated posts...


HarryTuttle said...

Great job weepingsam! I forgot about your page for the 2007 calendar. I took out the 2006 list of blogathons from the sidebar at Unspoken Cinema, but I archived it on a page, and linked to your site.
Thanks for your dedication. I hope to see you at the Contemplative blogathon. ;)

weepingsam said...

It's a challenge keeping up with them - I try... I'm looking forward to another go at the contemplative cinema - there's a lot of ideas there to explore. I'm in the middle of Bordwell's new book - his discussion of art cinema has interesting ramifications for thinking about CC, I think...

Michael Guillen said...

Very much appreciate your spreading the word on the Val Lewton blogathon, Weepingsam. Thank you. I've just announced the Kiyoshi Kurosawa blogathon for his birthday on July 19, 2008, if you want to add that to your files.

Anonymous said...

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