Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My 2008 Movie Posts

Index of film posts at this blog for the year. This allows a bit more classification and commentary than tags.

Essays and Long form:

Two for the Contemplative cinema blogathon: contemplative cinema as art films; and parametric variations in contemplative films
Jose Luis Guerin retrospective notes.
3/25: Manoel De Oliveira retrospective.
5/14: Comments on Blogs and Criticism.
5/20: Production design blogathon post - Princess Raccoon screen shots.
5/24: More production design - a number of favorites: The Pornographers, The Apartment, a couple Ed Wood films (Ed Wood?), and Inland Empire.
5/25: in association with the Film of the Month Club, discussion of some of the themes and devices in Kazuo Hara's films.
5/28: And authorship in Hara's films. (Cross posted to Film of the Month Club.)
6/15: Make Way For Tomorrow and Tokyo Story essay.
7/19: Essay on Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Retribution. A week early for the blogathon - another link.
8/7: Double Bills.
8/24: For movies about movies blogathon - King Kong (mostly) - and spectacle...
8/30: Dr. Smith's Back to School Quiz. (Original quiz here.)
9/8: Holy Grail Meme. (Original, and continuing commentary at The Dancing Image.)
10/4: Ozu's camera movements - geometry, the Crane shot.
11/7: Alphabetical list meme.
11/16: Poetry as film, featuring Ozymandias.
11/22: Things I love about Old Movies photo-post.
12/30: Professor Kingsfield quiz, from SLIFR.

Occasional Posts:

Best of 2007.
Blogathons of 2008.
Moments of 2007.
Vampira obituaries
Val Lewton Blogathon notice.
Kon Ichikawa obit.
Oscar picks and guesses.
Funny Games controversy.
4/6: Charlton Heston obit.
4/14: Sarris blogathon begins.
4/14: Links and so on - Cannes, etc
5/4: Links, blogathons (dance movies, production design), etc.
5/6: 2007 Retrospective top 25. 5/7: Top Tens by decade (revised from last year); 2000s Top Tens by year.
5/10: More in a similar vein - the 1990s, by year, and overall.
5/11: West Side Story clip.
5/17: Links - blogathons, Film of the Month Club notes, Speed Racer.
6/9: Spring Quiz, from Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule.
7/16: Links, a mid-year list, etc.
7/24: Chahine Obit.
8/5: Parallel Universe Film Guide link.
9/27: Paul Newman in the Hudsucker Proxy.
10/27: Minelli announcement.
10/30: Links, Ebert's 8 minute review, Bordwell on political narratives, and more Minelli.
12/9: Oshima series note.
12/11: Oliveira turns 100.
12/18: Lots of notes and links - Oshima teasers, Alison Bechdel's film rule; Absolute Beginners, Cairns n Brazil, etc.


1/31 - Roundup for January: There Will be Blood, Assassination of Jesse James, Sweeney Todd, Persepolis, Charlie Wilson's War, Walk Hard
3/11 - DVD review of Adventures of Robin Hood.
3/24: Big Roundup - 4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days; Michael Clayton; Diary of the Dead; Witnesses; Be Kind Rewind; Band's Visit; Taxi to the Dark Side; Still Life; Paranoid Park; CJ7.
4/2: another roundup of reviews: Don't Touch the Axe; Abraham's Valley; Princess Raccoon; The Black Pirate.
4/9: More mini-reviews: Married Life; Leatherheads; Monkey Warfare,; The Bank Job; Sea Hawk.
4/14: Short reviews: Contempt, All For Free & Fairbanks X 2: Mark of Zorro and Don Q.
4/29: 3 Reviews: Flight of the Red Balloon, My Blueberry Nights and The Visitor
7/19: Retribution on DVD.
9/3: Vicky Cristina Barcelona disappoints.
9/16: Edward Yang/Wu Nien-jen comments, part 1.
9/28: Yang/Wu Part 2.
10/12: Ohayo at the Brattle.
12/1: Synecdoche, NY review.
12/11: Rachel Getting Marries and A Christmas Tale, reviewed.

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