Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snowy Snow

Yeah, it's been an adventurous weekend. The storm delivered all that it was promised to be, have to say that - couple feet of snow - piled up in quite impressive drifts - huge snowbanks - a mess. I went out into it yesterday, while the snow was still coming down, before much of it was cleared up - the roads were all plowed, but not sidewalks, there was snow everywhere. It was impressive. My front yard for instance - almost bare grass, and what must be a 7 or 8 foot drift...

One effect of all the wind was that there wasn't a lot of the kind of picturesque snow you associate with winter - evergreens laden down with slow. It all blew off - except in a couple neighborhoods with a bit more shelter.... Still:

It was odd. The city shut down early Friday - the streets were nearly empty by noon, though it really didn't start snowing hard until evening. I guess it makes sense to get everyone out of the way for when it did come down - I don't doubt that if they had left the rads and such open until 8, people would have been out driving to 8, probably out to midnight. That probably wouldn't have worked out so well. Things are still shut down (I'm off soon to find out how shut down they are), but in general, in the city at least, things are just - shut down. Nothing really bad seems to be happening. Not here anyway. The plows were out yesterday, and had the roads cleared before the snow stopped, even most of the side roads; by the time I got home, the sidewalks were cleared - you could see the crews out shoveling and snow-blowing around all the apartment buildings all morning. Days like yesterday, I feel a lot better about the rent and taxes I pay. I'd say I got my money's worth.

And so? I wasn't alone out there - people walking around, taking pictures, walking their dogs, skiing, snowshoeing, sledding - might as well enjoy it, right? it's here and it's gonna make the commute a living hell for a few days... might as well have some fun first.


Sam Juliano said...

Well Weeping Sam, you've given your readers quite a blustery photo essay there, and I am not sure whether to offer you congratulations or condolences after this two footer! Well, as the eternal idealist I would prefer to express the former, providing you won't be snowbound for tool long! There is nothing quite as scenic as a New England winterscape, and can't blame you for clicking the lens. In the New York City area (I live only five minutes west of Manhattan on the New Jersey side of the Hudson) we got at least around 10 inches, and our pictorial vistas, while not as prominent as yours are nonetheless overload in white. Luckily we have now had two sunny days to lower the piles, and the roads are all black top. I can well understand Boston closing down early though. Our schools called a half day the night before, and snow didn't begin falling until around 3:00 P.M.

Lovely photos and fascinating wrap!

weepingsam said...

The city and state were ready and waiting, and we seem to have come out about as well as you can after getting 2+ feet of snow... and the sun was out yesterday, and already it's starting to melt off. I don't think it's going to get too cold for a while, so it won't all turn to ice either, I hope.

Everything was closed all weekend, so there weren't any movies to go see - so I sat home and watched half the Up series on netflix. So there is that..