Saturday, March 01, 2014

Film Posts 2014 Onwards

Later getting this up than usual - and rather slow so far posting anything. But I do find it useful to have an index of what I have posted... That is this.

UPDATE 2015: I have not been posting as much movie material as I had been - so this year's posts are going on to last year's index. Which didn't have a whole lot...

Update 2017: I have neglected this post, but more than that, neglected the blog. I think the last review I wrote was in August 2015 - things have been very quiet here at the listening ear...

Occasional Pieces & Longer Pieces:

2/3/2014: Philip Seymour Hoffman obituary
7/14/2014: Bastille Day with Jacques Rivette.

4/3/2015: Manoel de Oliveira obituary.
5/14/2015: Link to Film Preservation Blogathon.

1/4/2016: Edward Copeland obituary
1/30/2016: Jacques Rivette Obituary
9/2/2016: Allan Fish Obituary (and Gene Wilder)

For WITD Countdowns:

8/20/2014: Chikamatsu Monogatari for the Wonders in the Dark Romance Countdown.
9/5/2014: Love Me Tonight, for the romance countdown.
9/23/2014: The Shop Around the Corner, also for the countdown.

7/9/2015: Let The Right One In - part of the Childhood Films countdown at Wonders in the Dark. Cross-posted.
9/7/2015: Germany Year Zero (posted here 9/15), also posted at Wonders in the Dark, part of the Childhood Films Countdown
9/15/2015: Ivan's Childhood, also at Wonders in the Dark, from their Childhood Films Countdown.

7/12/2016: Plan 9 From Outer Space for WITD's Science Fiction Countdown.
8/13/2016: Things to Come, for WITD
8/18/2016: Island of Lost Souls, for WITD; 8/19/2016 - Musical Follow up to the same.
10/5/2016: Alphaville for WITD

Polls, Lists, Memes, and so on:

1/2/2014: 2013 Lists
3/1/2014: Oscar comments and my picks for categories

1/17/2015: Best of 2014.
2/22/2015: Oscars and categories.
7/13/2015: Halftime Report
10/27/2015: Mr Dadier Back to School Quiz
10/31/2015: Halloween Quiz.

2/14/2016: Best of 2015


2/10/2014: Inside Llewyn Davis
11/9/2014: Citizenfour reviewed, and comments on the Berlin Wall.

2/2/2015: Roundup: A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night; Princes Kaguya; Inherent Vice; r. Turner; Two Days One Night; Selma; Duke of Burgundy;
8/5/2015: Summer Films - big roundup: Don't Think I have Forgotten; Look of Silence; Do I Sound Gay?; Tangerine; Mr. Holmes; Amy; Big Game; Testament of Youth.

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