Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Film Posts, 2006

For my own convenience as much as anyone else's, I have created this post to hold links to all my film posts. If blogger can do categories*, I will turn to that more elegant solution; but for now, this will have to do. These are roughly chronological, within the categories.
[* And as of November 06, roughly, blogger does have a more elegant solution. But this has merits anyway, especially for review posts, since it offers more information.]

Special Posts (essays, lists, etc.):

Altman I: Autobio
Altman II: McCabe and Mrs. Miller
Barbara Stanwyck: (4/13) Baby Face and Night Nurse
Imamura Obit
Altman Obit

Best of 2005 - released films
2005 Lists: Acting, Directing, Scripts, DP
2000s Top Tens by Year
Andy Horbal's Poll - And Results (including my top 10)
No More Marriages Blogathon posts: Near and Dear; Addendum -12/3&4

Reviews and comments:

Reviews: Lawrence of Arabia; Shall We Dance & Follow the Fleet; Breakfast on Pluto; Fun With Dick and Jane; Casanova; Cafe Lumiere; Meatballs & Stripes; Marx Brothers
The Town Hall Memo (Ben Shapiro on politics and the Oscars)
Reviews: Cache; Good Morning, Night; The Passenger; The Matador; The Wild Blue Yonder; Mrs. Henderson Presents
Reviews: Bubble, L'Intrus, The New World
Academy Award Speculation: best film since Annie Hall? and political twittery
Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (briefly)
Semi-reviews: 9 Songs, Why We Fight
Reviews (2/19/06): Tristram Shandy, Neil Young: Heart of Gold, Charisma
Reviews: Pulse, CSA, Nightwatch, Springtime in a Small Town
Oscar Comments
Comments on Crash vs. Brokeback and The New World on the blogs (with comparison to Ashes of Time)
Reviews (3/16): The President's Last Bang, Music from the Inside Out, Clay Pigeons, The Libertine, Battle in Heaven, Winter Passing
Reviews (3/22): Innocence, V for Vendetta
Reviews (short): (3/26): Thank You for Smoking, Don't Come Knocking
Broken Down Film/Osamu Tezuka link
Reviews (4/13/2006): Breaking News, Friends With Money, Lucky Number Slevin, Pitfall, 3 Laura Mulvery short films
Reviews (4/17): L'Enfant, Stoned, Kelly's Heroes
Reviews (5/14): Three Times, I AM A Sex Addict, Art School Confidential, Badlands, Days of Heaven
DVD Notes (5/16): Secret Honor, Mr Jealousy, The Apartment, Marie and Julien, Oasis, 40 Guns, Broadway Melody
Art School Confidential - comments
Older Films Seen (6/2) - Spirit of the Beehive, Top Hat, Shall We Dance, Royal Wedding and Gay Divorcee
Reviews - Recent Films (6/3) - Puffy Chair, Somersault, The Proposition, Stolen (with comments on art)
Reviews (6/13) - Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, Clean, Prairie Home Companion
Briefly - Banlieue 13 and a link to David Lynch's Lumiere film
Roundup (7/30): brief comments on Rossellini double feature and documentary; Nacho Libre; Leonard Cohen; Withnail & I/Big Leboswki double bill; Scanner Darkly
Death of Mr. Lazarescu - longer review, 7/31
Reviews: Snakes on a Plane, Little Miss Sunshine, The Oh in Ohio (8/26)
Ozu Train Clips
Movie Catchup: Talledega Nights, Half Nelson, Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles, Something Like Happiness, Lucnacy, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
Reviews (9/23): This Film is Not Yet Rated, Science of Sleep, plus Murder by Numbers
15 Horror Films Blogathon (10/28)
Reviews (11/06) - Borat and Babel
Reviews (11/13) - Stranger than Fiction; Scream of the Ants
Reviews (11/19) - Fast Food Nation; For Your Consideration
Reviews (12/5) - Ten Items or Less, Piano Tuner of Earthquakes, Enthusiasm
Reviews (12/11) - History Boys and F*ck.
Inland Empire (12/11) - at length

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