Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Film Posts 2005

These are movie posts from 2005. Sorted somewhat, and listed chronologically.

Special (essays, lists, series', etc.):

2005 Top 10 (tucked in at the bottom of a post)
80s Top Ten
Top ten of the 00's so far
Guardian's 40 Contemporary Directors
20 Best Directors List
Top 15 in 15 Years - also, 15 directors since 1990

Busby Berkeley 1: outline of coming attractions
Berkeley 2: evaluative overview of the films I've seen
Berkeley 3: Types of musicals
Berkeley 4: Stage and screen
Berkeley 5: Welcome to the Machine
Berkeley 6: Politics

Naruse 1 (week 1): When a Woman Ascends the Stairs, Mother, Flunky! Work Hard!, Every Night's Dream, Wife be Like a Rose, The Traveling Actors, Tale of Archery at the Sanjusangendo, Song Lantern,
Naruse 2 (week 2): Late Chrysanthemums, Repast, Summer Clouds, Floating Clouds, Lightning, The Whole Family Works, Flowing, The Sound of the Mountain, The Wanderer's Notebook

Reviews, comments, etc.:

Goodbye Dragon Inn
Passion of the Christ
Coming Soon, and Semi-reviews: Oldboy, Kung-fu Hustle, Wong Kar-wei, and Eros
Reviews: Oldboy and Memories of Murder
Reviews: Cowards Bend at the Knees, The Man Who Left his Will on Film, Bad Guy (at length)
Reviews: Howl's Moving Castle, The Girl From Monday, Tell them who you are, Crash
Movie Stars (inspired by Lance Mannion's post)
Harold Lloyd 1 - just noting the series
Reviews (mostly in brief): Murderball, Youth of the Beast, The Beat My Heart Skipped, Batman and Robin, 2046 (DVD), Happily Ever After, Batman Forever, Me and You and Everyone We Know, Mysterious Skin
Reviews: 5x2, Wedding Crashers, The Merry Widow, 42nd Street, Showgirls, Zabriskie Point
Reviews: Elevator to the Gallows, Broken Flowers, The Son, East of Borneo
Reviews: Grizzly Man, The Aristocrats, Last Days, Love Me Tonight
Reviews 8/21: Junebug (first of several so far unfulfilled promises of a 2046 review)
In memory of George Fasel, of A Girl and a Gun - plus list of film blogs
Reviews (8/28): Batman Begins, The World, The 40 Year Old Virgin
Reviews (9/25): Brothers Grimm, If Lucy Fell, The Baxter, The Conformist,
Reviews (10/3): My Sex Life (or How I Got Into an Argument), Mutual Admiration, Dial M For Murder, Keane
Reviews (10/13): History of Violence, The Corpse Bride, Good Night and Good Luck
Reviews (10/16): Countess From Hong Kong, Wife Be Like a Rose, Wallace and Gromit in the Curse of the Wererabbit, Thumbsucker
Reviews (10/23): Capote, Burden of Dreams, Pistol Opera, Scattered Clouds, Little Fugitive
Reviews (10/30): Mother, Late Chrysanthemums (briefly recapped), Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Three Extremes, Mouchette, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
Complaining - attendance at Korean films, Memoirs of a Geisha, etc...
Reviews (11/4): Doppelganger, Where the Truth Lies, The Squid and the Whale & Samurai Cinema: Kill, Sword of Doom, Yojimbo and Sanjuro
Reviews (11/13): Three Outlaw Samurai, Samurai Rebellion, Hara-kiri, 20th Century, The Passenger, Bad News Bears, 40 Shades of Blue
Reviews (11/20): Walk the Line, Smile, Top Hat, Squid and the Whale
Reviews (12/05): Jesus is Magic, Ballet Russes, Seven Men From Now, The Tall T, History of Violence (again), Darwin's Nightmare, Lost Skeleton of Cadavra
Reviews 12/12: Aeon Flux, The Wide Blue Road, Pride and Prjudice, Be Here to Love me: A Film About Townes Van Sant
Reviews (12/20): 2 Wong Kar Wei films (Days of Being Wild, In the Mood for Love, 2046 - more vain promises of comments to come); Alles Auf Zucker, A Day at the Races and A Night at the Opera, Brokeback Mountain, Talent Given Us, Rushmore and Royal Tennenbaums (on projected DVD, unfortunately)

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