Monday, January 22, 2007

Film Posts, 2007

An index - while tags do some of the work these posts do, I still like to have an index post, because I can classify thing a bit differently - add info to the link, even if most of the info is just the list of films reviewed any given week.


Jacques Rivette Retrospective - Rivette 1 and Wrap-Up (1) (parameters and general principals) and Wrap-up (2) (doubles)
Contemplative Cinema entry - Bela Tarr
Second Tarr Post - reviews
Contemplative Cinema Conclusion - plus Colossal Youth, briefly noted
Wilder and Kieslowski blogathons - with Wilder screen shots
Lists: Best of 2006 - Best of the 2000s - Top Ten by Decades, all the way back
Blogathon Placeholder
Misunderstood Blogathon entry: Inland Empire, "explained"
Batman Comments (camp vs. The Dark Knight)
Action Heroines Blogathon - Brigitte Lin in Swordsman II.
John Huston blogathon inspired Beat the Devil post.
Bizarro version of WC Fields.
11/08 - Life of Brian for the Film & Faith blogathon
11/15 - Kurosawa Blogathon Intro
11/18 - Rashomon essay for the blogathon
12/17 - It's a Wonderful Life blogathon entry.
12/31 - end the year with an post on Imamura's Endings - aimed at the Endings blogathon, though I missed the deadline.

Occasional Posts:

2006 Best of List
Contemplative Cinema Blogathon Announcement
Comments - contemplative films, music, Philippe Garrel
Bad Behavior - Huckabees and Bloggingheads
Chase Scenes - with Harold Lloyd video
Roundup post, with Torture porn notes and some housekeeping.
Roundup, noting the passing of Ousmane Sembene, Richard Rorty and Rudolph Arnheim
Thinking Blogger meme
Edward Yang Obit
Response to AFI - 100 Films listed
Top 100 All Time
Ingmar Bergman Obit
Response to the Online Film Community top 100 movies list.
Comedy List.
Various Links for August.
Comments on Rosenbaum vs Bergman, and theater.
Foreign Film List 1: my ballot (and alternative.)
Foreign Film 2: comments on the process.
Foreign Film 3: Complaints
Foreign Film 4: Results and my Ballot
Fall Preview (9/28) - blogathons and such
11/25 - throwaway comments on No Country for Old Men and Southland Tales


Reviews - 1/22/07: Pan's Labyrinth, Case of the Grinning Cat, Belle Toujours, Climates, Curse of the Golden Flower
2 Reviews - Letters from Iwo Jima and Jeanne La Pucelle
Factory Girl (plus some Rivette) - 2/12
Grindhouse - an actual review!
A Heapin' Helpin' of (Mini) Film ReviewMay Day - The Red and the White review
6/2 - Boss of it All review
7/11 - Sicko & Michael Moore
9/7 - Reviews of 3:10 to Yuma and The Bourne Ultimatum (with theory)
9/10 - Two more: Syndromes and a Century and Fallen Angels rerelease
9/16 - Reviews: I Don't Want to Sleep Alone and Across the Universe
10/14 - My Kid Could Paint That plus art comments
10/23 - misc comments, plus Lust, Caution snark and Arnaud Desplechins
11/06 - round up post: Control, Lars and the Real Girl & Wristcutters: A love Story, Exiled, and blogathon previews
11/12 - Two Noirish films: No Country for Old Men and Before the Devil Knows You're Dead.
12/3 - quickies on I'm Not There and Imamura (Vengeance is Mine, A Man Vanishes and Profound Desire of the Gods)
12/5 - longer comments (if not quite reviews) on No Country for Old Men, Southland Tales and Margot at the Wedding.
12/12 - Review and comments on Bergman's Shame.
12/30 - Review of Juno.