Sunday, January 01, 2012

Film Posts 2012

This post is meant for the sidebar, as an index of my film posts in a given year. A little more flexibly than the tags.

Long Form:

2/18 - Hugo and the Artist, and neo-silent movies (from Luimiere and cCompany to Heart of the World.)
12/7: Zep and the Mats: More music and nostalgia than film - but based around two DVDs - Celebration Day and Color Me Obsessed

Occasional Pieces:

1/2: Best Films of 2011 list.
2/5: Ben Gazzara obits and screen shots.
2/26: My Oscar picks.
4/28: Dennis Cozzalio's Spring Quiz - Nuns!
5/21: 1930s Polls - my votes from the 30s for Wonders in the Dark
6/20: Andrew Sarris
7/8: Halftime Report
7/30: Chris Marker obit.
8/5: my votes for films of the 1940s on Wonders in the Dark.
8/7: Reflections on Sight & Sound's Poll, and my top 10.
10/13 - Fall Quiz...
10/15: 1950s Films Voting record

Screen Grabs:

1/1: Happy New Year! - Husducker Proxy
1/8: Desert Island DVDs
1/15: Shopping Report - Godard's Histoire(s) du Cinema, and Tokyo Drifter.
2/12: WWII films: Mrs. Miniver
2/19: WWII: Cranes Are Flying
3/4: WWII: Fighting Elegy
3/18: WWII: Cross of Iron
4/1: WWII: Fires on the Plain - long essay, with pictures
4/8: WWII: Christ imagery, for Easter
4/15: WWII: The Pianist
4/22: WWII: Das Boot
5/13: WWII: Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
6/4: John Ford's Midway
6/6: D-Day Sam Fuller shot
8/26: Fassbinder's Lola
10/31: Re-Animator, for Halloween


1/17: Recent Films - Carnage, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Descendants, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Le Havre and Outrage.
1/28: Catch up from 2011 - Week End and Weekend, Tales from the Golden Age, Rum Diary, Gainsbourg and Mill and the Cross.
3/26: In Darkness and Free Men - two new WWII films.
6/19: Big Roundup - Chico and Rita, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Mirror Mirror, Kid With the Bike, Deep Blue Sea, Five Year Engagement, This is Not a Film, Dark Shadows, Bernie, The Pirates...
6/24: Moonrise Kingdom
8/18: Summer Film Roundup - Keyhole, Safety Not Guaranteed, Your SIster's Sister, To Rome With Love, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Hara Kiri: Death of a Samurai, Brave, The Campaign, Dark Horse.
9/27: The Master, with comments on For Ellen
12/3: Fall Roundup #1 - Restless City, Two Days in NY, Cosmopolis, Oslo: August 31, Lawless, Compliance, Paranorman
12/16: Fall Roundup #2 - Silver Linings Playbook, My Worst Nightmare, The Sessions, Argo, Alps, How to Survive a Plague, Keep the Lights On, Looper
12/18: Fall Roundup 3 - Killing them Softly, Holy Motors, Cloud Atlas

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