Sunday, April 08, 2012

Christian Imagery in WWII

It is fascinating how much films about war, one of the more convincing disproofs of the existence of God, rely on religious imagery. I suppose it's irresistible - to find meaning in all the suffering and sacrifice through the obvious imagery. And - it's not as if the imagery isn't earned. War is full of sacrifice and suffering that does, or can, contribute to a higher cause - people dying for others... And when you look at the life of someone like Corrie Ten Boom, or the people I mentioned a couple weeks ago, Leopold Socha or Si Kaddour Benghribit, it's hard to deny they make as good an argument for God as you are likely to find. It's a notion of god that is equal to the best men do - and god's as good a name for it as anything...

And so for this Easter - sacrifice:

And resurrection:

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