Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Every Blogathon I Know Of

Have other people done this? Probably. I myself have started this from reading Edward Copeland's post on upcoming blogathons, and indeed stealing his links. (And Andy Horbal's as well.) (Plus any other blogathon indexers I can find: FilmSquish offers a particularly complete compilation - going back to the beginning, getting a few I missed; Piper at Lazy Eye Theater keeps a calendar in his sidebar as well.) But I am going back and putting in as many as I can find. I need a way to keep track of these things a bit better. (This is obviously a work in progress: one for the sidebar. Also, to be updated with new blogathons as I discover them, and fleshed out with any comments or additional links I decide to add over time. For example, adding the actual blogathon pages to the announcements, as they come in. And, I think, adding links to my contributions: not because they're anything special, but as a way for me to find them in a hurry.)

January 14, 2008: Val Lewton blogathon, hosted by Michael Guillen.

January 1-5, 2008: And start the new year with an Opening Credits Blogathon, at continuity.

December 27-30: End the year with an Endings Blogathon, at Joe's Movie Corner. Here it is.

December 16: in honor of its 24-7 presence on the airwaves, a day for It's A Wonderful Life, at Cinemathetics. The day has arrived - here it is.

December 2-8: Short Film Day at Ed Howard's blog. Make that week, in conjunction with Culture Snob.

November 19: Here's one I almost missed: A Queer Film Blogathon, at Queering the Apparatus.

November 15-22: work up a Thanksgiving appetite with a week of Kurosawa movies at Film Squish! Main page here.

November 10: A Bob Fosse fest at Forward to Yesterday. Showtime.

November 7-9, 2007: Film and Faith blogathon at Strange Culture. Posts here.

November 6-11: Comedy blogathon at New Critics - for any format: films, TV, books, stand up, you name it...

October 22-26: The Broken Projector's Double Bill-a-thon - write about 2 films for the price of one! Twice the fun!

October 17: Honor Montgomery Clift, at Film Experience. Happy Birthday, Monty.

October 12-21: Close-Up Blogathon, at The House Next Door. Going strong.

September 24-30, 2007: A whole week of Bunuel at Flickhead. And here it is.

September 21-23: William Wyler honored at GoatDog. Articles here.

September 7-10, 2007: Slapstick Blogathon at Film of the Year. Read it Here.

August 29: Lee Marvin blogathon, picked up in progress.

August 27-29: Bizarro Blogathon, hosted by Piper at Lazy Eye Theater. Which sucked royally. I am far too serious for this sort of thing, though careless readers may think this WC Fields post is a joke.

August 5: John Huston blogathon, from Sophomore Critic. Announcement here. I have a post about Beat the Devil (and Huston's adventure films generally) up.

August: In a twist on the format, but worth mentioning - Damien at Windmills of My Mind promises 31 days of Spielberg: "I will view each and every available Spielberg film, write a corresponding piece about it and then post them here on my blog, one a day throughout the entire month of August (31 days, 31 posts)" sez he.

July 24, 2007: Monster Squad-a-Thon, at DVD Panache. Contents of said blogathon, here.

July 13, 2007: Not sure how this happened (vacation! yeah, that's it!), but I somehow missed the Friday 13th Blogathon at Final Girl.

7 July, 2007: The Performance that Changed Your Life - at All About My Movies. Read it here.

June 29-July 9: John Ford - in French, but c'est la vie. And here is the link.

June 21-25, 2007: Film Music - at Windmills of my Mind. Beginning a day early!

June 20-24: Ambitious Failure blogathon, at Savage Art - already underway.

June 12: Action Heroines at Film Experience. (I'm stealing most of these new links from Edward Copeland - that's where I stole most of the old ones, too.) Here it is. And as promised, my Brigitte Lin appreciation.

June 11: Sneaking in late - it's a Grease 2 Blogathon Chezzzz Moviezzzz. Underway.

June 8-10: Ghiblog-a-thon hosted by Joe's Movie Corner, dedicated to all things from Studio Ghibli. (Expanding on Quiet Bubble's Miyazaki blogathon from last year.) Opportunities here for synergy - repurpose those Princess Mononoke posts for the Action heroines blogathon a couple days later! Here's the Ghibili-a-thon HQ.

June 4-8, 2007: Simpsons - at Esoteric Rabbit - and here it is.

May 25, 2007: Star Wars - celebrating the 30th anniversary, at Edward Copeland's place. The host of contributions are indexed here.

May 16-20: Misunderstood Blogathon, at Culture Underway. I contributed another essay on Inland Empire. (Probably not the last thing I'll write about Mr. Lynch.)

April 23, 2007: Shakespeare on Film with Peter Nellhaus - underway here.

April 9-11, 2007: John Carpenter blogathon at Lazy Eye Theater (in honor of the release of Grindhouse). Up and running!

April 8, 2007: Mobathon announcement at the Boob Tubers. And the Mobathon itself.

April 5, 2007 (and forward): Trashy Movies - at Bleeding Tree. Underway, here.

April 1, 2007: White Elephant Blogathon at Lucid Screening - Home Page here

March 30-April 2, 2007: Favorite Screenplays at Mystery Man on Film - Table of Contents

March 23-25, 2007: 1927 Blogathon at Goatdog

March 21, 2007: Virgin Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors at Hell on Frisco Bay - the blogathon itself is here.

March 5, 2007: Kieslowski blogathon at Quiet Bubble

March 1-4, 2007: Billy Wilder at Filmscreed. My link to it has some discussion of The Apartment.

February 16-19, 2007: Jim Emerson's Contrarian blogathon, which I contrarily left out when I first posted this.

Feb 14: Lovesick Blogathon at Lucas McNelly's site - and, the thing itself.

January, 2007: Unspoken Cinema - contemplative cinema: still active! (Also - as Andy Horbal mentions in the comments - the sidebar at this site contains links to a great many previous blogathons - up to Andy's criticism blogathon, conveniently enough.) I contributed a couple posts - here's the tag.

December 3, 2006: Film Criticism at Andy Horbal's No More Marriages. I have two related posts: favorite critics, and five more.

April 5, 2006: Roger Corman.

March 3, 2006: Robert Altman, at the House Next Door. I wrote two posts for this - one about Altman's influence on me as a movie fan; the other a long geeky thing about McCabe and Mrs. Miller.


andyhorbal said...

Cheers, mate! You'll find a fairly comprehensive list of older 'thons at Unseen Cinema if you want to go all the way back to the Showgirls Blog-a-Thon era.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention of Shakespeare. By the way, I've been a fan of Don Van Vliet since the day "Diddy Wah Diddy" got AM airplay in Denver, once upon a time.

weepingsam said...

Thanks for reminding me of that, Andy - I was going to go back through them, but since the links are already there at the page I linked to... I don't know what I've missed, but this post is more about the future. I have used the words, "oh crap! that was last week!" about a few too many of these things lately - I need to take steps.

Unknown said...

There's one I'm aware of that's slipped through the cracks of both your list and Unspoken Cinema's, probably because it's not a film-focused blog-a-thon (though some of the posts discuss the 1996 Zemeckis film Contact): a Carl Sagan Blog-a-Thon.

weepingsam said...

Thanks for that, too, Brian - Sagan's an interesting subject - a category on jeopardy this very day, as it happens! I'll have to poke around some of the links there...

J.D. said...

I have one too.

Anonymous said...

Culture Snob's Misunderstood Blog-a-thon will run from May 16-20, 2007.

J.D. said...

I have another one too. :)

Ed Howard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ed Howard said...

My previously announced Short Film Day has been amended to Short Film Week, now in association with Culture Snob. It will run from 12/2 - 12/8. Please make the necessary changes in the announcement above, sorry for the fuss. Thanks!

Evan T. Burchfield said...

We over at Continuity are hosting an Opening Credits Blog-a-thon that everyone is invited to join.