Saturday, January 23, 2010

My 2010 Movie Posts

This is just what it is - an index of film posts, sorted a bit. As much for my convenience as anything, since it's the only way to find things I might have written once.

Longer Posts:

5/11: Kick-Ass and Superheroes - inspired by Matt Zoller Seitz.
6/4: Gertrud considered, and the Dreyer site.
9/11: On making it up - mostly Tarsem's The Fall, though Gentlemen Broncos and The Three Musketeers as well. More essay than review.
9/24: Vampires - Nosferatu and Dracula, at length.
10/31: Halloween, sympathetic monsters, and Mamoulian's Jekyll and Hyde.
11/1: Jekyll and Hyde part 2 - style.

Occasional Posts:

01/07: Best of 2009.
01/10: Resolutions (mostly movie related)
01/13: Rohmer obit.
01/17: Best older films seen for the first time in 2009.
2/13: Comments on Auteurism and diegesis, and more death of criticism, sparked by Sam Juliano vs. Stephen Russell-Gebbett.
3/4: Miscellany - more death of criticism, particularly related to spending money (the Ebert club) - and links. One review, of Mother.
4/26: Television considerations.
5/1: Mayday with Pirate Jenny.
5/6: Lubtchansky Obituary.
5/8: National Train Day pictures.
5/25: Panahi's release.
5/30: Dennis Hopper remembrance and Blue Velvet.
7/1: Canada Day with Guy Maddin.
7/14: Bastille Day and Godard.
7/20: Pictures from the new Ozu set and Vivre sa Vie.
8/6: Blogathon links. (Huston, Summer Movies, Cronenberg.)
8/12: Bruno S obituary.
9/8: Professor David Huxley's Back to School quiz.
11/4: Japanese film blogathon link and comments.
11/11: The Great War remembered - Paths of Glory.

Reviews etc:

1/26: January Roundup - Police, Adjective, The Man From London, The WhIte Ribbon, the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, plus Yella, Scott Walker, Fritz Lang, in passing.
2/9: Another Roundup - Fish Tank, Crazy Heart, A Town Called Panic, The Last Station
2/15: Roundup - Broken Embraces, Most Dangerous Man in America, The Headless Woman
4/1: Catchall again - Greenberg, Secret of the Kells, The Red Shoes, Ghost Writer, Byron on DVD.
4/12: Roundup again - Warlords, The Sun, several Kurosawa films (Red Beard, Cobweb Castle, Lower Depths and Dedeskaden), LAnd fo the Pharoahs, The Sheik and Sleeper.
5/4: Late April roundup: Exit through the Gift Shop, Vincere, Hausu, The Good the Bad the Weird, plus Kingdom of Heaven on DVD, and Mysterious Object at Noon, mentioned but not reviewed.
5/19: Another roundup - No One Knows About Persion Cats; Hot Tub Time Machine; Bluebeard; Please Give.
6/26: June Reviews: Metropolis; Air Doll; Harlan: in the Shadow of Jud Suss; Network; Casino Jack and the United States of Money.
8/18: Summer film roundup, part 1, oldies and foreign films - Anthony Mann films, Wild Grass, 36 Vues du Pic St. Loup, Eccentricities of a Blonde Haired Girl, I Am Love.
8/19: New American films seen - Cyrus, The Kids Are All Right, Despicable Me, Dinner for Schmucks.
9/5: Weekly theatrical reviews - Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Soul Kitchen, Two in the Wave, The Tillman Story.
10/4: A Film Unfinished review.
10/8: another roundup - Room in Rome, A Woman, A Gun and a Noodle Shop, Catfish, The American, Machete and Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child.
10/18: The Social Network review.
11/14: Ishtar screening.
12/19 - Roundup - brief notes on White Material, Black Swan, Marwencol, I Love You Phillip Morris, Tiny Furniture, Waking Sleeping Beauty, Anton Chekhov's The Duel, Inside Job and Red.

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