Sunday, January 10, 2010

Up, Up and Away, 2010 (Resolutions)

Given a new decade as well as a new year, I might as well post a set of resolutions I can break. Or fail to live up to. This is, of course, a film and blog related set of resolutions - I'll skip the eat better, save money, get more exercise resolutions, more or less.

Last year's are at the Film & Discussion blog - I did not do very well: 250 movies? almost, and I spent a lot of time on individual movies, thanks to taking classes, so that's pretty much good... turn over the netflix queue? Not quite, but not bad - bursts... I did not watch DVDs I bought, I still haven't watched Center Stage again... #4 was a rousing success - I took two film classes (and an English class, on theater), and all were immensely rewarding - though time consuming... thus - 3 blog posts a week? I was lucky to get 3 a month! though all three classes I took required weekly postings/papers - which were blog posts by another name... comments? not enough, no... Making things? nope... I did not do Piper's dinner with X meme... I did not travel much at all (up to Maine a bunch of times, for reasons that may be deduced from my recent personal notes here...)

So 2010 dawns and - try it again!

1) Start with a perennial - see more movies: 250 makes a good goal - that's not so much a resolution for change as a target... And again - and turn over the netflix queue - every month, say, at least, all 4 films in a month... this year, I've tended to sit on one or two films and switch out the others fast - especially with the classes. I've had Yella and The Fall since this summer, but have gone through a pile of other films in the same time frame... I'll try to improve that. And try to at least open and look at every movie I buy... ha!

2) Post 3 times a week on the blog and comment more often on other blogs. I try - we'll see. There is also Facebook, which complicates matters, because I don't know quite what to do with it. I haven't quite worked out what belongs where... the overall point, in any case, is to post here regularly, and be more active around the Interwebs. (I mean, in reality, not in the minds of others - though more actual interaction with people, even to the point of picking the occasional fight is not a bad thing. Though preferably with sane people. Though I'd be a piss poor stalker if I didn't notice that he just posted a note about Lang's Metropolis, but embedded a video of the trailer to the anime. Thought he anime is pretty good, and originates in Osamu Tezuka's manga, and Tezuka is an even more important artist than Fritz Lang, so no harm done...)

3) Classes and the like - I like the discipline, I like doing it - in terms of hobbies, I'd rather take a class than play video games or join a bowling league - not that I wouldn't join a bowling league if I had the chance... though softball is more my game, even at this advanced age. (I was almost competent again last year - only hurt myself once, though it was at a key moment, and turned a game where we had a chance into a humiliating defeat, when 3 of our starting outfielders got hurt. Since all three of us are north of 40, that's not much of a surprise, though.) But - I will take classes, though if they monopolize my time as much as last year's did, resolution #2 will likely suffer as well...

4) Eat better! save money! exercise more! Save money the big one - I need stuff - furniture especially - and want stuff - a new TV, an all region blu-ray/DVD player... a house would be nice, but... I'll settle for an all region DVD player and the new Mabuse set. (See? I worked it around to movies. Fritz Lang, too...)

5) I want to do things in other media - video, sound, pictures - this may not turn up on the web, but I hope I can do some work in video, etc. I monkey with video and animation from time to time, though it never gets far - but it's fun. Over the summer, I did make a film of sorts with my brother's kids - with their Johnny West figures and some nice woodsy settings out by their house - it's a blast, the kids loved it (my niece provided the story, the nephews provides most of the "puppetry", so to speak)... I'm not much of an artsy craftsy kind of guy, but it's fun, and there's no reason I can see not to treat making films like making tree forts or go-carts or whatever it is people do with and for kids, or their own entertainment and distraction. I need to do more of that. I doubt any of it will be good enough to share with anyone not involved, but anything worth doing is worth doing badly... There's also Piper's dinner meme, 2 years overdue - the two might go together.

6) Speaking of other media, and doing things badly - I should try to learn to play the piano again. I poke at it for a week or two every year, but never get anywhere... ought to try to change that.

7) Travel - this year, probably Canada, etc., visiting relatives, friends, places - but get out of the country. A film festival would be nice, but probably going to take a back seat to socialization this year.

8) Universal Health Care would be a nice thing. Ha!

Anyway - thus 2010. Here's to a decent year of it...


William Dunigan said...

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There's tremendous power in that name. I'd suppose we'll never fully realize all that can truly be accomplished, by us simply calling out that name in true faith.

There's an old, old, gospel song that goes like this: Faith in the Father, faith in the Son, faith in the Holy Spirit, great victories are won. Demons will tremble and sinners will awake, faith in Jehovah will anything shake.

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weepingsam said...

Damn, that's the first christian spam I've gotten!

RC said...

I love how your save more resolution has a list of the things you want to buy :-)

weepingsam said...

Well, I suppose the resolution is to offset all new purchases with routine economies. Stop buying bagels (helping on the "eat better" front, too), and buy a new TV. Pack lunch every day and save enough to buy a house! That should work, in theory, right?