Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A Loss

This is very sad - George Fasel, who ran a movie blog called A Girl and a Gun, has died. Despite being a hopeless movie geek, I've only really started looking for movie blogs in the last 2-3 months - this was one Lance Mannion recommended - it quickly jumped to the top of my list of blogs to read. For some reason, when people I don't know, but have started to know, die, I take it hard - I miss not getting to know people like Mr. Fasel better.

In his honor, I will list some of the better movie blogs I've come across - they are going on the "blogroll" too. (This blog is slowly starting to round into something coherent, too - after 2 years of playing...)

These are all good:

  • Filmbrain
  • Girl and a Gun
  • Culturespace
  • Girish Shambu
  • Long Pauses
  • Cinephiliac
  • Film Journey
  • Pullquote
  • Motion Picture it's Called
  • Self styled Siren
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