Thursday, January 06, 2005

Some Metablogging

So here I am this Thursday night thinking about... as we move into this new year... hopes dreams plans... expectations, goals! Right! Let us ask ourselves: how can we make this blog worth reading? more frequent posts might be a start, and posts that actually say something.... it is a cruel circle, yes? why, if it were more interesting here, I would post more!

No, no, let's be serious. A new year upon us and all that. Let us imagine an influx of energy, and some focus for that energy. Let us imagine, then, the arts. Let us imagine, movie reviews, comments on books, or music, on art - the arts. The presidential elections are behind us, now maybe we can turn from politics, all the time, though it's hard with Alberto Gonzalez up for Attorney General. That's the sort of thing that will put you off your feed. Or get you reading - say, Human Rights First, which is blogging the hearings; Pandagon is also posting frequent comments; Uggabugga reminds us what the scum bags think, and James Wolcott states the matter plainly.

What the hell is wrong with us, as a country? That someone who justified the use of torture, and who claimed the president had the power to set aside the law, is being considered for the post of Attorney General? How did we get to this place? One terrorist attack? Is it possible?

You see the difficulty.... When I started playing with blogs, back - oh god - last spring (of 03!), I actually did post more about arts than politics - a bunch of stuff on comics, I remember.... well, I mentioned comics, somewhere in the post. That lasted about 2 posts, then it was monthly links to something stupid from Bush... But it is a new year! hopes, dreams, expectations abound!

So anyway, as a token of my, um, resolution to move forward in 2005, or back, or whichever direction it is, how about I offer up a list of movies? How about, Top Ten Movies Released (in my town) in 2004?

Since you asked real nice:

1) Goodbye, Dragon Inn
2) House of Flying Daggers
3) Crimson Gold
4) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
5) Millenium Mambo
6) Moolaade
7) Napoleon Dynamite
8) Zatoichi
9) I heart huckabies
10) Gozu

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