Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Midweek Harold Lloyd Update

Well - I have been having ongoing internet problems here, and haven't spent much time online this week. Plus, there's that Harold Lloyd series I mentioned. When I do get back online, I might try writing about Harold Lloyd - maybe. I'm not sure what to say about him - maybe I could try to write about his persona, style, and so on, especially as it compares to Chaplin and Keaton, but I doubt I have anything all that interesting to say. His films (Lloyd's) are very funny - they are also, I think, a lot lighter than the other two - which is part of why they are harder to talk about. They do what they do - the story, the style, the themes, are right there, on the surface - clean and direct, but lacking the resonances the other two had. I don't know where I am going with that, if I even believed it. One thing I might write about, since it's geeky enough for me, is how he relates to the physical world - objects in the world - compared to the other two. The best parts of Lloyd's films are usually the chases (or sometimes the fights, or things like the skyscraper stunt) - sequences where he takes on the world in a straight fight. Keaton and Chaplin do things like that as well, but for Lloyd, that often seems to be the core of his comedy. Anyway - anything like a long analysis of any of this stuff is going to have to wait at least until the Lloyd series is done. After that - maybe. I might have something to say about early sound pictures as well - Lloyd made a couple, which fail in some odd ways. So - we might be back to this subject in the coming days.

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