Friday, August 20, 2004

Swift Boat Vets for - never mind...

Not much left to it I guess - The New York Times takes a closer look and doesn't leave much standing. (Via Crooked Timber, who include excerpts.)

Meanwhile - oops! - guess whose campaign got caught handing out flyers for the Swift Boat Veterans for "Truth"? What's more surprising - today, they actually have a picture of their candidate up - the last couple days, all the images - at least the ones at the top of the page, were of Kerry - negative, obviously - but still. They're pushing Party for the President Day - so they actually have Georgie up there.

I'm afraid I can't participate. That's the anniversary of my friend's death in Iraq.

5 more months, and we'll be shed of this lying bastard, I dearly hope and pray.

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