Monday, February 21, 2005


Hunter S. Thompson has left us. Majikthise offers a pessimistic reading:

Gonzo is dead because the mainstream media have abolished objectivity and subjectivity--the facts don't matter, but neither does the perspective of any individual. Like gonzo journalists, today's campaign reporters love to tell impressionistic yarns. Unlike gonzo journalists they don't want to talk about their own experiences. Enterprising reporters collect "gaffes" and "coups" and spin them into parables. The winner is the journalist whose just-so story becomes "The Defining Moment."

I am hard pressed to disagree. The Rude Pundit offers an excellent eulogy as well.

Meanwhile, hop over to Atrios and take a look at the new "Real AARP Agenda" ad he's got up - then read about it at Talking Points Memo. What the hell?

It's gotta be shit like that that drove the great man to despair - how can you make up funny shit that's weirder than that, or jimmyjeffguckertgannon?

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