Friday, May 20, 2005

Random Title Here

It's Friday, so you get your weekly post of random i-pod stuff. Lots of skronk on the guitar front this week, Sonic Youth and Melt Banana and if I took the next bunch of songs that came up, more Sonic Youth, some Erase Errata.... noise noise noise! Meanwhile, Madvillain comes up a hell of a lot, on Fridays anyway, for just having one record in there...

1. Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell - Stooges
2. Tapir's Flown Away (live) - Melt Banana
3. A shy dog - Yo La Tengo
4. We're Going Wrong - Cream
5. Satisfaction - Rolling Stones
6. What people are Made of - Modest Mouse
7. America's Most Blunted - Madvillain
8. She Belongs to Me - Bob Dylan
9. Stella Was a Diver And she Was Always Down - Interpol
10. New Hampshire - Sonic Youth

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