Saturday, August 15, 2009

Les Paul

Les Paul died Thursday, aged 94 - as a guitar music fan, I can say - he was one of the big ones. Not just a great musician, but central to the development of the instrument, the music industry, the art form.

Here he is playing some Duke Ellington:

And let's not forget the guitar he invented - figuring in the hands of many other great musicians. such as?

Old Neil?

Duane Allman?

Sonny Sharrock:

Peter Green (and Danny Kirwin gets his licks in in this clip):

This Jumping at Shadows has Green front and center, though there's no footage:

And, oh well - Jimmy Page - the business end of Dazed and Confused - skip the crap and play, Jim:

[Had to update - put the first Fleetwood Mac clip in twice, instead of the second one.]

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