Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday Placeholder

Oy, another week without any posts... at least the last two were big ones. I am, as it happens, in the middle of writing a paper for class - more Nazis and their films... though I might get this one in there as well:

Anyway - once this class is done - well, it'll be Christmas, shopping season at any rate - so the odds are probably against getting any decent blogging material through the end of the year. The end of the decade, in cold fact! There have to be lists coming, right? Of course! Not yet though - for now, I'll offer a tease, with the Cinematheque Ontario poll that's been out a few weeks and gotten much comment already. Film lists are fun - and I will certainly take the opportunity to put one together... the more challenging task will be constructing a musical list - Joseph B. did, a couple weeks ago - that's going to be a troublesome project. I listened to and bought a lot of new music this decade - up through the end of 2007, for some reason. The last couple years, not so much. Strange phenomenon - mix of habits (more walking, less trains, so less listening to the iPod) and spending priorities (I've been spending money on DVDs instead) and - um - redecorating the apartment (which included boxing up CDs to create more space for bookcases....) - who knows. So - I look forward to thinking about the music of the 00s, since I care, but have let it slide for a couple years....

Anyway.. lately I've taken the Friday Random Ten to facebook, where it seems a bit more at home... but maybe a video is in order? count down some of my favorite music of the decade that way? I don't know. Maybe now, one of this year's most intriguing records (and an artist likely to figure large in my end of the decade lists) - "Small Metal Gods" from David Sylvain's Manofan:

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