Friday, May 06, 2011

Another Musical Friday

Back to the randomizer today... I am rather amazed that I have managed this very modest goal of putting up a music post every Friday - and even managed to work in a few variations... I may have to look for some other ways to trick myself into a couple posts a week - maybe a Sunday Screen Shot, or something like that...

But now? Music - what will iTunes offer us today?

1. Pere Ubu - Kathleen
2. NIck Cave & Bad Seeds - Darker With the Day
3. Fire Theft - Summertime
4. Xela - Afraid of Monsters
5. Mark Stewart - Rise Again
6. Six Organs of Admittance - Close to the Sky
7. PJ Harvey - Down By the Water
8. Tool - WIngs for Marie (Part 1)
9. Foals - Tron
10. Pavement - Conduit for Sale

Well - that came out well... and video? a very familiar collection of groups, I fear - don't I get Nick Cave or Pere Ubuon here every couple weeks? Well - here's another favorite who've probably had their day a few times - Pavement, live in 1999...

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