Friday, February 10, 2012

Randomizer - Randomize!

Hello Friday again! Another random day - time's been tight lately - I am taking a class again - I hope to get some material out of it though, so - there may be some real content here in coming days! Could be. Anyway, it is Friday, thank the good lord, and thus time for a post of music.

1. A Ha - Take On Me
2. Preston School of Industry - Take a Stand
3. Bill Callahan - Eid Ma Clack Shaw
4. Mozart - Ah! del padre in periglio [Don Giovanni - hey! I got some cultha here and there!]
5. Come - Sad Eyes
6. Pink Floyd - Corporal Clegg
7. Ryan Adams - Sweet Black Magic
8. Yo la Tengo - If It's True
9. Gomez - Very Strange
10. Audioslave - What you are

Video? You know - in fact, A Ha can never come up on these random lists - it's the very first song that appear in iTunes, and it's where I click to start, to make sure that when the next song is random! fun fact! But today - there are North Koreans playing accordions to post:

And - why not? Here's the Mozart number that came up, from the Joseph Losey film:

And finally, somethign completely different - Pink Floyd in Belgium, in their early, very early, Dave Gilmour days.

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