Friday, June 08, 2012

Cosey & Welch

I was going to make this Friday music post in honor of Pete Cosey - one of the really great guitarists. And I still will - though now I learn, that Bob Welch, one of Fleetwood Mac's many guitar players, has also died. That's a lot of obituary to deal with....

I'll start with Welch - Fleetwood Mac on Midnight Special, with Welch and Bob Weston on guitars:

And Welch singing Ebony Eyes with Stevie Nicks...

And as for Cosey - he is one of my favorites - I love his style - dense and distorted, a bit inhuman - just a fantastic guitar player. Here, playing with Miles:

Here, more recently:

And for the obligatory Friday list - how about my five favorite Miles Davis collaborators?

1. John Coltrane

2. Pete Cosey (if you have 27 minutes to spare...)

3. John McLaughlin (here, with most of Miles' band, without Miles)

4. Tony Williams
5. Wayne Shorter

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