Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday 13th Musical Interlude

I've been away, I am back - vacations always seem to make it hard to come up with any content for this blog. You would think otherwise, since I spent this one as much on the computer as ever - but that's how it goes. Anyway - I am back - and I think for today I shall keep it simple - yet another random ten:

1. Sonic Youth - Hey Joni
2. Jeff Beck - Blues De Luxe
3. G.O.N.G. - Inner Temple
4. Wilco - Shot in the Arm (live)
5. The Meters - Sophisticated Cissy
6. Of Montreal - Death of a Shade of Hue
7. Meat Puppets - Ice
8. Johnny Cash - Why Me Lord?
9. Pixies - Crackity Jones
10. Earth - Hell's Winter

But for video - we can celebrate the date a bit:

Pixies, doing No. 13 Baby seem right - I'm in a state...:

And Big Star:

That works. Stay cool, people.

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