Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Music and Grumbling

...and not about Paul Ryan, believe it or not! I've spent an awful lot of time this week moving stuff around on my computers. Since my iMac acted up, I have been using my laptop as the main computer - it's not the end of the world, the laptop is an upgrade anyway. And the iMac only seems to be having display issues - the hard drive mounted fine on this one, and I got all the data off. But that means, I have most of the content from both machines on this one - including 350GB of video. So - I've finally gotten around to trying to clean that up - back everything up, cull out the duplication, put it all in the programs I want to use. A tedious and time consuming process, and one I find myself compelled to stick with, once I start it. I live in hopes of a faster computer at the end of it...

Anyway - before I get to music (a very boring random ten, I'm afraid), a link or two. The biggie - Sight & Sound has their searchable sortable click through able Critics' Ballots online - a dangerous source of distraction, that. And Wonders in the Dark's Comedy poll countdown is in full swing, plowing through their (our, since I voted in it) top 100 comedies. Enjoy!

And Music:

1. Kate Bush - Cloudbusting
2. Bukka White - Fixin' to Die Blues
3. SunnO))) - Cry for the Weeper
4. Red Crayola - Free Form Freakout
5. The Cranberries - Sunday
6. fIREHOSE - More famous Quotes
7. Frank Sinatra - I've Got You Under My Skin (Live in Paris)
8. Les Paul - Steel Guitar Rag
9. Blue Oyster Cult - (Then Came the) Last of May (live)
10. The Meters - Hand Clapping Song

A nice song for a Friday, a good counter to any discontents...

And Les Paul on TV with Mary Ford, doing Steel Guitar Rag, and in the good old summertime...

Have a good weekend!

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