Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Weekly Musical Interlude

Friday is here. Today's post will be simple - a random 10. Next week, I hope to get a Gettysburg anniversary post up (maybe more than one: I find I have no difficulty gassing about the big battles of the Civil War)... and another musical top ten. I should write something about politics - it's been a very political month. From Obama's Nixonian side and the continuing adventures of Edward Snowden, boy spy, and Glenn Greenwald's troubles with "journalists" like David Gregory.... to the Supreme Court's inexplicable burst of decency in overturning DOMA - inexplicable, because everything else they did last week diminished the freedom and power of human beings in our great country, most perniciously, gutting the Voting Rights Act - putting an end to Reconstruction Part II... to the local entertainment of a special Senatorial election here in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts (God save it!, as Charles Pierce would say)... If I get a moment between the hard work of vacation (picking strawberries and eating them; grilling hamburgers and the occasional tuna steak; hanging around beaches and pleasant hillsides; witnessing parades or visiting historical sites; killing mosquitoes and complaining about the humidity) I may try to devote a page or two to some of those subjects...

But not today. Today, let us just enjoy a few musical numbers as selected by the randomizing algorithms of iTunes:

1. Gang of Four - 5.45
2. Minor Threat - Out of Step
3. TV on the Radio - Keep Your Heart
4. Meat Puppets - Vultures
5. Paul McCartney - Too Many People
6. Jonsi - Tornado
7. Keiji Haino - A Secret
8. Neko Case - Dirty Knife
9. Pink Floyd - Fearless
10. Radiohead - Morning Mr. Magpie

Video? It's almost Canada day, so here's a Canadian! Neko Case, live:

And something a little different - Government Mule, covering the Floyd:

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