Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Friday Random 10

Ladies and gentlemen, a Friday morning, the last of the month, the day before a long weekend, in which we get to celebrate the working man, and the labor union, an organization that has contributed immensely to our well being, but has faded in the past 30 years or so, with dire effects on our well being. So - good luck, all you fast food workers - getting a decent wage and some institutional power will do everyone a world of good.

Meanwhile, sad news from the literary world - Seamus Heaney has died. He is the only Nobel Prize winner I have met - at least, the only one I knew I was meeting when I met him. So - my knowledge of poetry is too uneven for me to say much more about him - but I certainly enjoyed his work, when I read it, and the couple times I heard him give readings.

And so? Friday it is, and so - music.

1. Sigur Rus - Ara Batur
2. G.O.N.G. - The Isle of Everywhere
3. Audioslave - Set it off
4. Serge Gainsbourg - Requiem Pour Un Con [ah, oui]
5. Grateful Dead - Rosemary
6. Led Zeppelin - Carouselambra [didn't this come up a month or so ago?]
7. Half Japanese - Frankenstein Must Die
8. Of Montreal - Gronlandic Edit
9. fIREHOSE - Can't Believe
10. Meat Puppets - Station

And video? This, sadly, cannot be embedded - Serge Gainsbourg miming Requiem Pour Un Con for a film - have to settle for the music track and some pictures I guess... still makes you want to take up smoking and Jane Birkin, though...

And - life, reunited fIREHOSE:

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anabolio said...

good music. Love it!