Friday, March 21, 2014

First Random Ten of Spring

So spring is finally here - the calendar says so, and the last couple days, here in Boston anyway, I can almost believe it! Sun is out, over 50 degrees for a day or two in a row - what next? More snow next week; temperatures back in the 20s - yeah yeah... Baseball starts tomorrow, though on the other side of the planet. But hey... spring.

In the world? I spent most of last week off the grid - up in Vermont - a somewhat... difficult trip. Car troubles in Montpelier - not fun, when you don't live in Montpelier... It's good to be back, resuming something of a normal schedule - Lars von Trier and Wes Anderson films to see... The news has been a bit off - missing planes; helicopter crashes; dead monsters. Both Slacktivist and Tom Junod contrast the late Mr. Phelps to the magnificent Mr. Rogers - Junod pointing out the astonishing fact that Phelps actually picketed Mr. Rogers' funeral. I suppose grifters gotta grift, but you do wish he'd found a less hideous way of hustling a buck or two.

Anyway - music... Let's keep it simple today. 10 songs, etc.

1. Nightingales - First My Job
2. Blue Oyster Cult - The Subhuman (live)
3. Grinderman - Worm Tamer
4. DNA - Cops Buy a Donut
5. Radiohead - Kid A
6. Badfinger - Icicles
7. Jarvis Cocker - Baby's Coming Back to Me
8. Pavement - Jackals, False Grails: The Lonesome Era
9. Husker Du - The Biggest Lie
10. Robert Johnson - 32-20 Blues

Video? No sign of Jackals, live, on YouTube, so - Loretta's Scars, live in Belgium, will suffice:

And to make up for not having the one iTunes wanted - here's a more recent performance of Summer Babe:

And some live Radiohead...

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