Friday, April 04, 2014

April Songs

Finally, this week, things start to look like spring - temperature in the 50s, sun out, baseball games being played - a wonderful thing. Now to come out of hibernation myself - I owe myself a bunch of film reviews and posts; next week, a band; and - ought to revive my director of the month stuff. And next month, Wonders in the Dark launches another countdown - Romantic movies... I have plenty of things to do - I hope I can shake my current indolence. (Which isn't really indolence; it's misdirected effort... but that's another post, maybe...)

Enough of that - here are 10 songs, generated not quite at random....

1. Benny Goodman - Santa Claus Came in the Spring
2. Jolie Holland - Springtime Can Kill You
3. Burnt Sugar - Ghost Track Springtime for Chillun
4. Pentangle - Spring Time Promises
5. Pere Ubu - Silent Spring
6. Pylon - Springtime
7. Rites of Spring - Spring
8. Waterboys - Spring comes to Spiddal
9. PJ Harvey and John Parish - April
10. Thelonius Monk - April in Paris

Video? Well - rites of spring, doing spring - that sounds right:

How about PJ Harvey, singing April? Live in Paris...

And Ella Fitzgerald can take us there...

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