Friday, August 21, 2015

Lazy Summer Day

Another Friday. Another hot, sticky week, so I have gotten nothing of importance done, certainly nothing to post. I don't have much to talk about today - the world outside is as stupid as ever, with Donald Trump still showing up on every news source; Josh Duggar caught with his pants down again... though the Red Sox have been winning,a nd have unloaded Ben Cherington (and his 3 last place finishes in 4 years)...

And right now it is pouring outside - which might cool things down, if we're lucky. Maybe. Gotta hope.

Anyway - some music from the iRandomizer:

1. Bobby Darin - Happy
2. Franz Ferdinand - Stand on the Horizon
3. Peter Laughner - Lullaby
4. Madvillain - Rhinestone Cowboy
5. Mogwai - We're No Here
6. Gordon Lightfoot - Go-go Round
7. AC/DC - Ride On
8. Boredoms - Bo Go
9. Dead Moon - Dead Moon Night
10. The Carter Family - Bury me Under the Weeping Willow Tree

That was particularly random... Video? Dead Moon sounds like a good place to start:

or - Roseanne Cash, singing Bury Me Beneath the Weeping Willow Tree:

And - nothing live with Bon Scott on it, but some nice footage of old Bon, accompanying AC/DC's foray into slow blues:

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