Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Music and Stuff

So how lazy am I this Friday? Pretty darn lazy. Anything to write about? Sport? Cubs are done - I guess Back to the Future was not right about that, any more than the hoverboards. Jays are still alive, hanging on against the Royals - all those bats, and the pitching they have, they are never going to be easy to get rid of. Still hope, for semi-Canadian me! Speaking of Canadians - congratulations to Justin Trudeau, newly elevated Prime Minister - blessed, it seems, with his father's political skills, and his mother's looks. And blessed with an absolute majority in parliament, so maybe he can stop Canada from turning into the USA. Stephen Harper sometimes seemed to be dreaming of Texas...

Anyway - that's all I have today. Here are some randomly selected songs to think about:

1. Mark Stewart - Radio Freedom
2. Sunn O))) - Bathory Erzsebet
3. Q and not U - Hooray for Humans
4. Shonen Knife - Insect Collector
5. The Go! Team - Friendship Update
6. The Red Krayola - Zukuntsfleiger
7. Boris - My Neighbor Satan
8. Six Organs of Admittance - They Called You Near
9. Pat Dinizio - Behind Blue Eyes
10. Ray Charles - Drown in My Own Tears

And video: Ray Charles, needless to say:

And for something completely different, with Halloween coming up - some Boris:

And since no Halloween can be complete without somehting from SunnO))) - well - here's 10 minutes of very good footage of the boys making an unholy din. Not sure what song it is, but I'm not sure songs are precisely the relevant unit of interest where SunnO))) is concerned. Feedback in your friend!

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