Friday, November 06, 2015

This Week in Grifting

Another Friday, another working week done, fall well underway, though you wouldn't know it in balmy Boston. The world Series is done - the Royals winning quickly, 5 games, though a couple of those games went long enough to make it seem longer. Close and well fought. Not exactly surprising - the Royal's starters showed up, the Mets' defense was a problem - the Ryals' offense did what id did, but did it better than usual. Once Escobar started hitting, they didn't have any holes - 9 guys who hit line drives and run hard - you have to be very good to get past that. Interesting, possibly meaningless fact, that the only game the Mets won is the one they started by dropping one of the Royals on his butt. Lots of squawking about that, but you have to throw inside.

God enough. Speaking of catastrophic brain injuries, Ben Carson continues his book tour, making a fool of himself. This week he topped most of the nonsense by saying that Joseph built the pyramids in Egypt to store grain - mockery ensues. Meanwhile, his "autobiography" seems to come up a bit short on the factuality front - not that anyone cares. It does seem the level of attention to the poor man is rising - people are asking, wait - just how crazy is he? Which might indicate that the money boys in the GOP are moving to neutralize the insanity as they line up to push Marco Rubio to glory - could be. But there's no indication that Ben Carson has any interest in being president - his operation is a transparent grift, more so than any of the rest of them - it's all about moving units. So he's doing what he needs to do...

Though this latest bit with the pyramids - most of the Republican field seems more interested in the TV deals they can get from running than in winning: when Ted Cruz suggested that the lines of Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh should host their debates, it sounded about right. The debates are like job interviews, and most of them (probably all) are more interested in getting work on Fox than in the White House. But Carson, maybe, seems to be aiming as much for H2 as Fox - maybe he can team up with Scott Walker to look for giant templar pirates from outer space!

Anyway. We will need some music to recover from thinking about Ben Carson for even this amount of time. Whatever else he is, he seems to be just about the most cynical person in America - which is saying something when he;s running against Donald Trump. But - unlike any of the other GOP candidates, Carson is, in fact, good at something, successful at something - besides lying and running the long con, I mean, though he's good at that. It's kind of sad that he has fallen to this.


1. Cream - Badge
2. Jane's Addiction - Broken People
3. Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Hole in her Stocking
4. Lightning Bolt - Over the River and through the Woods
5. The Who - Getting in Tune
6. Janelle Monae - Sir Greendown
7. Built to Spill - Untrustable Part 2 (About Someone Else)
8. Diane Cluck - All I Bring You is Love
9. Modest Mouse - Satin in a Coffin
10. Television - Adventure

Video? Thanksgiving is coming, so here's some Lightning Bolt with that old holiday classic, over the river and through the woods:

And maybe Built to Spill:

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Sam Juliano said...

Aye Stephen, it is balmy down here in the NYC area as well--fall is here in name only it seems. Your analysis of the World Series is superb I'd say. I managed to watch every game, and as a diehard Yankees fan I was secretly rooting for the Royals, since too many Mets fans I know despise the Yanks and always root against em! Ha! Carson is quite an embarrassment and surely is going nowhere. Great musical lineup there!