Friday, August 12, 2016

Musical Placeholder

I am distracted. I am working on a couple essays for the fantastic Science Fiction Countdown at wonders in the Dark; I'm poking at Dennis Cozzalio's latest Back to School Quiz. There is actual content coming here!

Meanwhile, though - let's just se what iTunes thinks today:

1. Pere Ubu - Over the Moon [it would think something like this, wouldn't it? take a look at this Believer interview with David Thomas, largely about films, etc.]
2. PJ Harvey - Man Sized
3. Ugly Casanova - Smoke Like Ribbons
4. Public Image Ltd - It Said That
5. Nina Simone - Don't Smoke in Bed
6. Dungen - Sjutton
7. Sun Ra - Space is the Place [science fiction is on the mind, I guess]
8. Zulus - Big D
9. Sleater Kinney - Step Aside
10. Ringo Starr - Oh My My

And some video: might as well start with Ringo:

PJ Harvey is always welcome:

And a Sun Ra memorial, from Berkelee and the Arkestra:

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