Friday, December 16, 2011

December is for This Year's Music

Another random sampling of records I bought this year:

1. Boris - Spoon [from Attention Please, the Wata record they released this year - sounding, here, more than a little My Bloody Valentinesque...]
2. REM - All the Best [Collapse into Now is an almost listenable REM record - they went out on a pretty decent note, I think.]
3. Decembrists - January Hymn
4. Tinawiren - Takkest Tamidaret
5. Gang of Four - Do as I Say
6. Feelies - Later On
7. Battles (featuring Matias Aguayo) - Ice Cream
8. Boris - Leak - Truth, yesnoyesnoyes [from Heavy Rocks, sounding more like Dinosaur Jr. than ever]
9. Damon & Naomi - Walking Backwards [hey! more Kurihara!]
10. Times New Viking - No Room to Live

Video? Boris is always good:

And maybe an actual Times New Viking video:

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