Friday, January 13, 2012

A Noisy Musical Friday

Though I should still be trying to catch up on last year's music, today, it's back to the randomizer!

1. Beastie Boys - Egg Man
2. Pere Ubu - Postcard
3. Mozart - The Marriage of Figaro [well - two pieces in a row from this record came up - strange enough...]
4. Yoshimi & Yuka - KoRoKoKoRo'n Insects
5. Butthole Surfers - Moving to Florida [I'm gonna bowl me a perfect game]
6. Rites of Spring - Spring
7. Aihiyo - Your Eyes Have the Sparkle of 10,000 Volts [Keiji Haino goes pop!]
8. Velvet Underground - Some Kinda Love [put jelly on your shoulder]
9. Danielson - Time that Bald Sexton
10. Liars - Here Comes all the People

Okay - the randomizer must be very happy to have access to the whole catalogue again (after all those 2011 posts) - it's definitely trying to please - that's the kind of playlist I like to see! Video? The Surfers seem indicated, combining the absurd with the vulgar, to a fault....

...which leads us to the Velvets, on their revival tour, doing what they do, and even Lou sounds halfway decent (until he starts trying to scat.) This is, of course, one of the great songs of all time.

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