Friday, April 06, 2012

A Musical Interlude

150th anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh today. I may have to come back to that - it lasts 2 days, so I have time! For now? a bit of music, shall we?

1. Madvillain - Do Not Fire!
2. Edgar Broughton Band - Apache Drop Out [thank you Mojo, again - Captain Beefheart plus the Shadows - I am glad to have found this...]
3. Descendents - Sour Grapes
4. Arcade Fire - Rebellion (lies)
5. Richard & Linda Thompson - A Man In Need
6. Bob Dylan - Restless Farewell
7. Brian Jonestown Massacre - (You Better Love Me) Before I am Gone
8. Michio Kurihara - A Boat of Courage
9. Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf
10. Billy Bragg & Wilco - One by One

Videos? I can't not post this - though they've sort of dropped the "Apache" but for some Guru Guru style wailing, the Beefheart is still there.... and look at that hair!

That would seem to indicate an appearance from the Sabs, but as I can't find any vintage live Sweet Leaf, I may have recourse to a slight typo - here are the Surfers with Sweat Loaf:

And finally - can't quite find the song that came up, but I feel a need to post some BJM - here's a live rendition of Anemone from 2008 or 9 or so:

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