Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Music Time

Happy end of another week... dive right in to the randomizer - iTunes seems quite willful today...

1. John Cale - Momamma Scuba
2. Wiley - Wot do U Call It?
3. Black Mountain - Heart of Snow
4. Bonzo Dog Doo-rah Band - Humanoid Boogie
5. David Sylvain - Late Night Shopping
6. Melvins - Boris
7. Minor Threat - Good Guys (Don't Wear White)
8. Slapp Happy/Henry Cow - In the Sickbay
9. Don Byron - Frailach Jamboree
10. Bruce Springsteen - Jackson CAge

And video? Who doesn't love Minor Threat?

And - since I can't find video of Don Byron playing Klezmer - here's Byron playing "Heathcliff Slocumb":

And Mickey Katz himself, with "Borscht Riders in the Sky":

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