Friday, May 04, 2012

A Friday Riff Fest

Another week has gone - time for some music. Today, as usual, randomly selected from iTunes...

1. Chicago - Questions 67 and 68
2. Deerhoof - Family of Others
3. Motorhead - Dirty Love
4. Dungen - Lejonet & Kulan
5. U2 - New Year's Day
6. Ric Ocasek - Not Shocked
7. Pere Ubu - Cloud 149 (live - Shape of Things)
8. Pearl Jam - Why Go
9. George Harrison - What is Life (instrumental)
10. Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains the Same

Video? let's riff it up a bit, shall we? It's why Jimmy Page was put on this earth.

And, while not in Jimbo's league quite, The Edge could churn out a riff when he wanted.

And one of Mr. Harrison's best riffs, for good measure:

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