Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Random Ten

Another hectic week, so not much more than a bare list can I offer you - songs, etc.

Though it is Mahalia Jackson's birthday - that's worth linking to...

And no?

1. Captain Beefheart - Too Much Time
2. Paul McCartney - The Back Seat of My Car
3. Jimi Hendrix - Manic Depression
4. Swell Maps - HS Art
5. Yo La Tengo - Alyda
6. Pink Floyd - Time
7. Three - Domino Days
8. Stephen Malkmus - Hopscotch Willie
9. ...and You will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - Worlds Apart
10. Camper Van Beethoven - Devil Song

Well - happy birthday to Mahalia Jackson - some beat up video, but good clear sound, for ancient TV....

And - as we are coming up on halloween, even though this is just audio - some Camper Van seems right... there's a devil in the closet.

Though for seasonal videos - this might prove more timely, if the weather is all it's hyped up to be:

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