Sunday, October 14, 2012

Very Quick Baseball Post

To follow up - I am rather unhappy to have guessed all the first round right. (Lots of waffling re. St. Louis/Washington, but the Nats are who I wanted to win, the Cards were who I expected...) It knocked out the teams I was rooting for - after the Rangers went out in the wild card game... I suppose it makes it easier to pick, without the strong rooting interests - and it happens that my preferences are the same in both. I think the Tigers will take out the Yankees - I see they are on their way, and greatly aided by Derek Jeter's injury... In the National League - I still fear the Cardinals, but I think the Giants are going to win. I certainly hope they do.

And in the World Series? I think the National League team is going to win - though I will probably be pulling for the Tigers if they make it... And, obvious,y, against the Yankees if it's them.

Finally - last week someone on facebook made a comment about why people call a team their team - it's not like they are owned by taxpayers. But in fact - most of those parks, some of which cost as much as a team might, are owned - or at least paid for - by the taxpayers. Though I mention it here because the teams still alive are, in fact, the least offensive in those regard: Giants and Yankees paid for their parks outright; the Cards paid for 88% of theirs; Tigers 37%. The rest were much more publicly funded. I suppose if the pattern holds, it will be Yankees and Giants, and the Giants winning, since the Yankees did get some public money for the parking (or something like that.) Still - an interesting aside.

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Sam Juliano said...

Well, WS, I am depressed after the Yanks lost two at home to the Tigers, and as you note a devastating loss in Jeter. But it appears they are making every pitcher they face look like Sandy Koufax. With the ninth-inning heroics of Raul Ibanez over the past days, they'd already be eliminated. I don't give them too much of a chance now after the double dip at home, but of course I'll be rooting. The Cards winning over the Nats is completely against logic, and again they did it with two out in the 9th with nobody on base. Somebody up there is on their side. I do think the Giants will beat them, and of course it looks like the Tigers, who the Yankees beat 6-4 in the meaningless regular season. Interesting addition there about who owns the ballparks. Taxpayers naturally.