Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday in January

Where did this week go? All right - I have a couple posts in the pipeline, so I might make up for the lack of posting with a surfeit of material in the coming week. (Surfeit, in my case, meaning, probably, 2 posts - oy...) Meanwhile, a completely random ten with no special significance whatsoever...

1. Brian Jonestown Massacre - Cold to the Touch
2. Spiral Stairs - Cold Change
3. Stephen Malkmus - Cold Son
4. Janelle Monae - Cold War
5. Klaus Nomi - The Cold Song
6. Husker Du - Ice Cold Ice
7. Public Enemy - Cold Lampin' with Flavor
8. Rocket from the Tombs - So Cold
9. White Heaven - My Cold Dimention
10. The White Stripes - In the Cold Night

Video? Well, who knows cold better than a Minnesotan? Mr. Mould?

Speaking of Minnesota - new Prince song out...

and I guess I'll post this too - audio only, but the world can always use a bit of White Heaven.... they sound cold!

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