Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday 10 in the Rain

Well, we've gone from a week of blistering heat to 60s and raining again, where we were at the beginning of the month. You get whiplash watching the thermometer this summer; and have had precious few really nice days to enjoy lately. Tomorrow is supposed to be hot again, though normal hot, 80s - I guess that sort of thing will have to do.

Music! next week, you'll get another band countdawn - this week, it's just the randomizer:

1. The Beatles - Good Day Sunshine
2. Acid Mother's Temple - Occie Lady
3. Badfinger - Take it All
4. Deerhoof - Lightning Rod, Run
5. Jackie Mittoo - Get up and Get it
6. Loren Connors - The Cart Ride
7. Bruce Springsteen - The Price You Pay
8. Decembrists - The Crane Wife 1, 2 and 3 (live)
9. PJ Harvey - Catherine
10. Decembrists - Leslie Anne Levine

Video? iTunes has certainly been clear about it's desire for something from the Decembrists - here's the Crane Wife live:

And PJ Harvey, I think:

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