Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Fun in the Sun

Summer is here with a vengeance I guess. Been hot all week, but today is supposed to be the worst - creeping up around 100 - oh good. I am out on my balcony typing this - it was almost comfortable out here yesterday at this time; today, already, it is sticky and a bit gross. Nothing I can do about it, I suppose. I think the worst of it is supposed to be over after today.

Anyway - for music? random is good.

1. DNA - 5:30
2. Jefferson Airplane - Go to Her
3. Radiohead - Codex
4. Liars - No. 1 Against the Rush
5. Ghost - Givers Chant
6. DNA - Forgery [2 DNA songs come up? randomness is sometimes very random.]
7. Wu-tang Clan - Sucker MCs
8. REM - Radio Free Europe [calling out in transit...]
9. Merle Haggard - Swinging Doors
10. Ryan Adams - Answering Bell

Video - a live DNA set seems in order:

And, oh - making their national television debut...

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