Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Western Countdown Link and Notice

Wonders in the Dark is running another countdown, this time, the top 50 Westerns, as voted by the site and its readers. It is sure to be a fun series.

I would have posted a link sooner, except that I volunteered for one of the first films to go up, and have been rather obsessing about it - it's up now - the Coen Brothers version of True Grit, which came in at #49... a lovely film, and a fascinating one, I think, which is why I was quite happy to grab it.

I somehow got through the essay without mentioning the simple fact of how beautiful it is - quite a bit there about attention to detail in the film, but not so much about it's straight aesthetics. So let these extra pictures give you an idea...

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Sam Juliano said...

And what a magnificent essay it is, Stephen, one that will be difficult to top! And I agree these screen caps give visual perspective to the detailed writing. Love the discussion comparing the two versions!