Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Music Post

Have fun shopping, suckers! The single stupidest product of capitalism yet, and boy, there are some bad ones. Anyway; I guess it is all part of the True Meaning of Christmas...

okay - enough of that. Friday Random Ten, I guess it is:

1. Stiff Little Fingers - Closed Groove
2. Ginger Baker Trio (Bill Frisell and Charlie Haden) - When we Go
3. The Attack - Mr. Pinnodmy's Dilemma
4. Husker Du - Back from Somewhere
5. Outkast - Vibrate
6. G.O.N.G. - Zero the Human and the Witch's Spell
7. Shudder to Think - Red House
8. Descendants - Suburban Home
9. Waterboys - Natural Bridge Blues
10. Buck Owens - Together Again

This deserves something - this is the Attack, obscure English psychedelic rockers The Attack, anticipating Tommy by a year or so, with the story of a lonely deaf and dumb boy:

And - any day is a good day for Buck Owens:

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