Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy Friday Music

Another quick one this week, as March winds down. No - May - just feels like March. I still see people wearing gloves sometimes... what fun... Anyway - onwards! enjoy your weekend!

1. Beatles - Eleanor Rigby
2. Mogwai - Blues Hour
3. Replacements - Take Me Down to the Hospital
4. Ric Ocasek - People We Know
5. Melt-Banana - Scrubber
6. Butthole Surfers - Tornadoes
7. John Zorn - Inside Straight
8. The Warlocks - Inside Outside (live)
9. Conway Twitty - Lonely Blue Boy
10. The Ramones - Oh Oh I Love Her So

Video - start with Conway Twitty, pop star:

Here is a Beatle, singing Eleanor Rigby:

And I think I need at least one mutiguitar drone here - Warlocks, live works:

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