Friday, June 06, 2014

Friday Music

A busy day today - some traveling (a nephew graduates high school this weekend; reminds me I am getting old); 70th anniversary of D-Day (might try to get a longer post up later - at least post some more Sam Fuller pictures.) So here we'll just run a quick shuffle for some music, to keep us going.

1. Sham 69 - I don't Wanna
2. REM - Accelerate
3. Beck - Already Dead
4. Deerhoof - Jagged Fruit
5. Doctor Nerve - I am not Dumb Now
6. Elvis Presley - Don't be Cruel
7. Johnny Cash - O, Bury Me Not
8. REM - Leave
9. Liars - Protection
10. Sly & THe Family Stone - Stand

Video? Here is The King:

And some aging punks - Sham 69:

And off the list, but - young punks:

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