Tuesday, June 24, 2014


What would a world cup be without idiocy? And who is a bigger idiot, really, than Luis Suarez? I mean, once, maybe, people do stupid things in the heat of the moment, even inexplicable things - and biting someone, in a soccer game, is pretty inexplicable.... But to do it twice? who does that? And to bite someone after you've been banned once for biting someone? And were banned the year before racial abuse? That's - how can that happen? But it did... And now, for the third time in his career, Luis Suarez has bitten someone in the middle of a soccer game. Big, ugly defenders, too - Ivanovic? Giorgio Chiellini? you'll break a tooth biting those guys... I don't know. Someone needs to get him a muzzle.

He should listen to Ian Hunter:

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